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Independent Living Skills Training

Independent Living Specialists and clients work together to develop a plan that outlines independent living goals that the client wants to achieve. Skills training is provided to clients in the below areas and is customizable depending on the client needs. 


Training is one-to-one at the office, in the client's home or in the community as appropriate. Independent living skills training will enable individuals with newly acquired disabilities to learn skills as necessary to live independently. Youth with disabilities will be assisted with the transition from school to independent living. Adults who have been living in a structured environment will be assisted to gain greater control over their lives. All clients are encouraged and assisted with self-advocacy.

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Assistive Equipment/Assistive Technology

CICIL staff partners with Easter Seals of Iowa to bring our clients the necessary tools for living independent. Assistive Technology is used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Equipment is loaned to individuals for up to 30 days. Equipment range from electric hospital beds, electric or manual wheelchairs, adaptive bathroom devices, and speech delivery devices.


Social Skills

CICIL staff assist clients to achieve relationship building, problem solving, and deciding as a group what activities to do. To achieve this clients are taken out in the community and placed in spaces of networking and social openness to allow the client to slowly integrate into community spaces.


Health Care

CICIL staff works with clients to educate on medication usage and dosage. Clients learn how to put in order for medication, sort through medication (if taking multiple), determine which medication to take on which day (if multiple), knowing the side effects, and how to manage medication. CICIL staff also works with clients to manage dietary needs due to health concerns and how to plan out meal with portion sizes accordingly.


Menu Planning and Cooking

CICIL staff works with clients to plan and cook their meals. We also have available resources online, including Accessible Recipes, broken down step-by-step. Find Food Resources here, including food pantries.



CICIL staff assist clients with finding housing options that fits the necessary needs for the client. CICIL teaches clients homemaking responsibilities including cleaning, maintenance, and safety while in the home. Clients also receive training on leasing agreements, and how to ask for accommodations.



CICIL staff assist with clients learning public transportation. Clients and staff will ride together to learn the bus routes, where stops are located, transfers, and where the end of routes will lead to. Staff focuses on teaching clients the entire bus system and programs that helps navigate the bus routes.


Financial and Time Management

CICIL staff assist clients with developing a pathway to financial stability. CICIL works with clients in teaching how to budget, banking, applications that help support planning and implementation of budgets, and also understanding their financial situation while motivation them to take action.


Educational Opportunities

At CICIL, we’re providing educational opportunities and easy access to educators and diverse programs that help individuals energize their career and job prospects. CICIL staff connects clients with educational providers and institutions that fit what they want to do. Education is the key to employment opportunities, and education can come in a variety of ways. From literacy programs to Adult Based Education, high school diploma and college degree to specialized credit programs, all can be the connection for people to their life’s calling.


Recreation and Leisure

CICIL staff assist clients in finding ways to be a part of the community by getting involved with community service programs, and adult recreational programs such as sports, games, etc. CICIL staff is knowledgeable about what programs clients could potentially be involved in and how it would help the client in living independent.

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