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CICIL Connection Center

Come join us!
The Connection Center is for adults with disabilities who want to become more engaged within their community, build relationships, increase their independence, and learn new skills.


 Mondays-Thursdays 11- 4 PM and Fridays 12 - 4 PM. Events happen each week!


-Must be completed before attending the Center.

How can you complete an intake?

-Walk-in intakes may be done on Wednesdays between 11 and 4 

-Intakes can be scheduled by calling (515) 243-1742 or


Call or email us for information on what is needed for your intake.

Contact us at


How to get there:

Located in the Park Fair Mall at 2nd and Euclid Ave. This is in the basement.

Bus: Take the DART 50 Euclid/Douglas Crosstown Bus to the Euclid Ave & Oxford St stop

Connection Center Events

On mobile and having difficulties? Please look at the events calendar on a computer browser.

Or visit our Facebook page for more!

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