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Transition and Employment Services

Transition Services

If you are the parent of a child with a disability or experience a disability yourself and are moving from school to the "real world,"

CICIL is here to help!

It can be scary to not know what comes next. We will support you and your child in planning for their unique needs and prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living.

Contact us for more info!

Supported Employment Services

Career Discovery and Exploration

CICIL staff will spend time getting to know you and your interests. This can take some time but what comes out of it is a plan for employment.

Job Development and Placement

Once you are actively job searching, CICIL staff will support you in networking, meeting businesses, and finding a good job match!

Job Coaching

Once on the job, CICIL staff can provide on-the-job training with you to make sure you're doing well! We'll also check in with your employer.

Job Retention

Once you've gotten comfortable in your job, we can help with career advancement. We'll support you in asking for raises in your career!

CICIL's Employment Program offers assistance and support to help individuals receive training, obtain a job and be successful employees. We work closely with those involved in the program to develop a plan that meets the individual’s goals and needs.

CICIL’s Supported Employment Program is a job placement program designed to meet the employment needs of individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. The four components involved are individualized career discovery and exploration, job development and placement, job coaching, and job retention.


Each participant is supported by a job coach and mentor who helps the participant learn new job skills and maintain employment. This program is open to residents of the Greater Des Moines area who are at least 18 years old.


Those involved in this program have access to CICIL's network of employers seeking to hire people with disabilities. We have assisted people in securing employment at entry-level and professional positions in fields such as customer service, retail, janitorial, management, medical, call centers, and many others.


CICIL also works with individuals transitioning from high school, incarceration, etc. to find employment.


CICIL will continue to work on creating services for the transition from institutional settings to community living. Once we create and effectively manage that service, we will update you.

We partner with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services in providing transition services.

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